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About us

Our management has over 8 years of experience in the fields of doing business in China, including trading, logistics, project management and consulting. DH Mobility offers a complete set of competences that are needed for timely quality trades that allow our clients to do carefree business in China.

DH Mobility mainly focusses on providing reliable trade services. With our deep understanding of the Chinese market and our extensive local network, we are able to facilitate the best trade solutions for our clients in China. We are engaged in sourcing, project management, quality control and logistics.

We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner, working to contribute to our customer’s expansion and development.

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Being available every hour of the day, DH Mobility will always find the right answers to your questions in no time.

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DH Mobility always pro-actively finds the best products for your company.

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DH Mobility has over 8 years of experience in trading.

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